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Wall TV Installation

Audio Video King is the specialist in the field of TV and audio video installation in Los Angeles, California and surroundings. In our stylish showroom, you can view, compare and try out our extensive range of all well-known brands. Our showroom has various demonstration rooms with numerous types of TVs from different brands, such as Smart TVs, OLED TVs, 3D TVs, HD TVs, flat screens and much more.

Also, you can also enjoy the beautiful sound of hi-fi speakers and amplifiers such as our Pioneer amplifiers, Yamaha amplifiers, and Marantz amplifiers.

Professional TV installation
Our after-sales service also provides a professional TV installation of your hi-fi or home theater installation and projection system. Besides a perfect service at home, we are one of the few things with our technical department. With all your technical questions or problems you can also contact us.

TV and Hi-Fi experts
Our TV and HiFi experts have the expertise and knowledge to guide you perfectly in your choice of TV or hi-fi system. Moreover, they are always aware of the latest developments and systems. Come quickly to our showroom or contact our specialists for useful advice and a perfect service.

Yamaha MusicCast
The new MusicCast from Yamaha is the new revolution of wireless music systems. An integration of more than just wireless speakers. Use all your MusicCast products together or separately. The choice is entirely up to you. Control this all from a user-friendly app! The system is even capable of providing more than fifty rooms with wireless audio. The systems all just run on your existing WiFi router. Thanks to the built-in WiFi amplifiers, the MusicCast only makes your connection stronger.


How to Mount a Large TV Screen

TV-INSTALLATIONLarge TV installation are now the standard in homes, offices, and restaurants, and most people and places choose to install on a wall. Installing a large TV on the wall properly ensures stability and security; installing incorrectly would be disastrous.

1.) Determine the type of TV mount you need for your large TV. TV mounts come in small, medium and large. The size is based on the weight of the TV installation. In general, every TV more than 36 inches requires a large TV mount.

TV mounts are also available in three different positions: full-motion, tilt movement, and flat mount. Full motion offers the possibility to move the large screen TV side to the right and up and down. Tilt movement moves the TV up and down. Flat mounting it is not possible to move the TV completely.

2.) Determine the location of the TV. Will the TV be placed on a large empty wall or will the TV be placed on a wall or possibly between windows? Remember:
– The TV must be free of possible obstacles when moving back and forth or up and down.
– The TV must have access to a good power supply. Avoid overloading a power outlet.
– The TV must not be placed near a heat source and water source.

3.) Install the wall support as follows:
– Securely fix the base to the wall. Make sure the holes for the soil container are drilled into the wall beams (studs). Installing the base supports the weight of the TV, so it must be very safe.
– Mount the arm to mount it to the base (if applicable). Make sure the arm is properly secured. The arm mount allows you to move your TV back and forth.
– Attach the TV brackets to the back of the TV. Slide the TV into the TV mount arm. Make sure that the brackets click into place.
– Check that all screws, bolts, and nuts are tight before leaving the TV stand alone.
– Attach the cables to the back of the TV and the home theater components.

Always measure twice and cut once. Do not start drilling holes without making sure the measurements are correct, and you are drilling into the wall studs.

Always check to ensure that everything is level if you continue. It is important that the wall holder and arm continue its level from before.

You already have an assistant to help you the wall TV installation.

We would like to install your TV for you!

flat-panel-tv-installationYou have carefully selected a new TV installation, and you want nothing more than enjoying the incredible image, fantastic sound and stylish design now.

But where do you start? After all, something has to be done before the TV hangs or stands where you want it!

Perhaps you see the wall TV installation operating instructions as a challenge? Or do you take the drill to hand the TV on the wall? However, the chance is that you will not be waiting for it. That’s not a problem because we’re coming to you. At a chosen time!

What do we like to do for you? We

  • Deliver your TV and get it tidy,
  • Take your old TV back with you,
  • Put your TV in the desired place or
  • Hang these neatly on the wall with the desired wall bracket
  • Also install the corresponding sound (soundbar, speakers)
  • Make sure that a cable duct cleans cables and wires
  • Set the channels and the remote control in the right way!
  • Our installation specialists run daily throughout the Los Angeles to fully customize the TV (and the sound) with our customers. As a result, you do not have Installation stress, and it will work well! Our specialists do it every day!

That’s not easy and you’re sure your equipment installed correctly!

Do you have questions or interests? Feel free to contact our order desk. We would like to make an appointment for you.

Via email: and phone 1-323-332-6781 you have direct contact with us. Via the contact form, you will receive a response within one hour.

Audio Video King – We’d love to hear from you. We would like to make it fun and easier for you!

How to make a TV Wall Mount That is not aimed at the Studs Install

Wall TV Installation

You can not use any mounting bracket for your Wall TV Installation. Attach your flat screen TV to the wall using a mounting bracket specially designed for a TV your size. Your mooring uses a wall bracket that matches the holes on the back of your TV, will support the weight of your television and has no additional functionality you are looking for.


1.) Measure your TV or find the dimensions of your television on the box or the manual. Record the dimensions of your television.

2.) Weigh your television or search the weight of your television by looking at the box or the manual on your television. Record the weight of your television.

3.) Determine whether your television should be up and down, left to right or stand still when placed on the wall. Write your answer.

4.) Find the mounting pattern for your television in your owner’s manual. Then take the distance between the holes where the television will be mounted.

5.) Compare all your recorded information to any TV mounts you are interested in purchasing. Only the purchase of a TV mount, that corresponds to all the specifications of your TV. For example, do not get a wall mount that stops when you want to move your TV; then get a wall mount that allows you to turn your TV up and down or left and right. Also, make sure that the hole spacing on the mounting bracket will align with the holes on the back of your TV Installation and can support the weight of your TV.

Are you experiencing these common TV installation problems? Audio Video King offers professional TV mounting and installation services. Contact Audio Video King professionals or Call 1-323-332-6781.

Security camera installation quickly and professionally

Security-CamerasOf course, it is possible to install your surveillance camera yourself, but also security camera installation by AudioVideoKing’s mechanics is possible.

There are several types of surveillance camera systems. Each system has its pros and cons when installing. Audio Video King has extensive experience when it comes to camera installation. We install security cameras in houses/outbuildings, but also in windows, business premises, and restaurants.

Camera installation for a competitive price
The price of security cameras installation depends on the requirements, the number of cameras, the amount of cable and the building we need to install. Usually, 1 to 8 surveillance cameras are installed within one business day.

Camera installation for a fixed price
Typically, customers choose security, that is, they like a fixed predefined amount based on an estimate of the number of hours we need to be. If the installation takes longer, then the additional costs for If we have finished before, you might have saved something by paying off per hour.

It is possible to Audio Video King to calculate the installation based on hours worked + advance costs, but also by a fixed, pre-agreed project price.

Free remote assistance
Do you have any questions after the camera installation? Do you understand, despite our location explanation, something not entirely? No problem. Remote Assistance is always free and included with camera surveillance.

Free replacement on location
Is a product, such as a security camera, broken? Then we will replace it for free in 3 months. If there is anything broken outside this period, this will fall under the standard two-year warranty as soon as you return the product to us.

Offer camera installation
Contact us for a customized quote; often we can offer you a suitable offer almost immediately. You can reach us by phone at (323) 332-6781 or by e-mail at

Home Theater Installation Los Angeles

tv home theater installatoThe Audio Video King engineer will be happy to assist you with the home theater installation. Even when it comes to new construction or renovation, we can advise you and make a quote. If you prefer not to get started with a drill, jigsaw, cables and technical drawings, then you can, of course, get our expert assistance.

At Audio Video King we do not limit ourselves to selling goods over the counter. We can also assist with all kinds of practical matters related to your purchase. Then it’s easy to unpack and connect, as well as setting up a TV or installing and arranging a home theater installation. We employ our experienced two-handed mechanics who know precisely how to optimize image and sound. Tell us what you want so we can make it work correctly in your living room! Via one of the shops, you can make an appointment for TV installation and assembly.

Ask us before you start.

If you need to build a new house or renovate an existing property thoroughly, it can save you a lot of misery and cost if you already take into account cabling and the location of any (built-in) loudspeakers.

Take your construction drawings to one of our stores – we will help you without any purchase obligation to find the best solution and help avoid costly mistakes, even if not all details are efficient.

We can also provide a technician or one of our enthusiastic staff at your home to advise you in planning so that we can help you find the most optimal solution for a music system or a complete home theater system.

Our Projects Department, nothing is too much!

Did you know that we have specific “Projects” department? Our specialists find the best solution, especially for your needs and home.

Audio Video King projects are not limited to private homes. Numerous offices, hotels, museums, restaurants have already been designed and installed by Audio Video King.

We look forward to helping you!

Best Outdoor Security Cameras 2017

Placing an Outdoor Security Cameras can help identify unwanted invaders, but works primarily preventively. Discover here to watch out for camera surveillance outside and learn more about price, maintenance, and legislation.

Note this when installing surveillance cameras

Key Features of an Outdoor Camera: Good zoom and wide viewing angle, with night vision and weather resistance.

1. Zoom function and viewing angle

If you want to protect a large terrain, a Security Cameras that you can control and which you can zoom in is a good move. Do you see something suspicious happen at the entrance? Then you can quickly capture this particular place.


It is important that a surveillance camera is out of a sufficiently wide range. The larger the viewing angle of the security camera, the smaller the likelihood that intruders stay out of sight. If you find the appropriate hangover, a Dome Camera is an excellent idea for that. The Dome camera is spherical and attaches to the ceiling, giving an optimal viewing angle.

2. Camera surveillance with night vision

Breakers or vandals shoot mainly at night. All the more important is the night vision of your surveillance camera. That means camera protection will switch to infrared as soon as it gets dark. Infrared ensures that you can see well what’s happening at full darkness.


Security cameras are powerful in daylight, because of their infrared function, which makes camera shots sharp. You, therefore, choose best for a high-quality brand. You can also choose an ordinary surveillance camera in conjunction with motion sensor exterior lighting to remove that disadvantage.

3. Weatherproof camera surveillance

If you place a surveillance camera outside, it may be better weatherproof. Rain, hail, snow or frost, a surveillance camera is meant to work in all weather conditions. In outdoor cameras, the cables often removed in the housing or foot of the security camera.


Tip: Keep the camera in a well-accessible place to clean the lens if necessary. By hanging the surveillance camera in a sheltered area, such as under a shade, you can prevent damage from weather or other influences.

Price surveillance camera outside

There are different types of cameras, each with their features and cost. The cost of camera surveillance depends mainly on the kind of camera and the number of cameras you provide. A standard analog camera is available for $50 each (excluding VAT). For an IP camera, you pay $100 per piece. For a wireless camera, you can count on a price from $100 each. Also, the amount depends on the desired image quality, zoom options, auto motion detection…

It is recommended to buy a camera in combination with a recorder. Depending on the software, storage capacity and the type of camera for which it is intended, you pay for a recorded averaging $ 200. For an analog camera with one camera, including recorder and optional accessories, you can count on starting prices of approximately $ 300. For IP camera set with one camera, prices start around $500.

Keep in mind that the placement of camera surveillance also involves costs.

Curious about the best solution for your situation? Request free advice and a quote from an authorized installer.

Maintain a security camera outdoors

A surveillance camera outdoors often gets a lot to weather through the weather. Maintenance means that the lens should be kept clean. Pollen, sand, rain, and wind have the greatest impact on image quality. They stick to the lens make sure the camera blinds itself. Clean the lens and camera with a damp cloth or special cleaning cloths.

Furthermore, it is also important to keep the surveillance camera free from spider webs and to check the cables for cracks and dehydration. With cheaper DIY surveillance cameras, sunlight can cause the cable to become stiff and tears.

Camera Surveillance: legislation

A Surveillance camera is set up with the intention of deterring intruders and capturing images. Just that can cause problems. Camera Surveillance places accompanied by compliance. Originally, anyone who installed a surveillance camera had to comply with the privacy laws only. Since 2007, there has been an additional camera act to accommodate the interests of the films and filmed.

Important to watch out:

The placing of a camera system must be made mandatory by the Commission for the Protection of the Personal Life. That can do online and before the camera surveillance started.
On any access to the place that implemented with security cameras, an icon must display that announces this camera surveillance.
As a private individual, you may not place a camera on or make public places.

For more information about the specific legislation, contact your camera surveillance system installer. Discover together the best solution for your situation. Ask advice and a quote from an authorized security camera installer.


Purchase TV Installation Service in Los Angeles

tv-installation-laYou can buy a TV installation service in one of our stores or online through the website. In addition, thanks to our free Click & Collect service, you can order and pick up a Wall TV installation service just a one phone call 323-332-6781. There are different payment options, so there is a customized solution for everyone.

Buying a TV installation online and paying can be done in the following ways:

* TV installation service purchases by direct payment (in secure security) with the following payment cards / credit cards: VISA – MASTERCARD – AMERICAN EXPRESS via internet banking: Belfius Direct Net, KBC Online, ING Homepay, CBC Online

* Pay TV installation service via classic transfer on our account number (323) 332-6781 (not possible with Click & Collect). In this case, the TV installation service is reserved for 5 days, pending payment.

When booking a TV installation service via “Click & Collect” you can always pay an advance payment through a direct payment. After this you will receive a confirmation email or text message that will allow you to go to the store of your choice.


Of course, you can also purchase a TV installation service in Audio Video King.

Do you like the home theater?

FullSize-Render-Tv-InstallationBut do not you want to be disturbed by the noise of people around you? From now on, that’s no problem, with Audio Video King’s home theater system, you create your own home theater installation.

Audio Video King brings your television tones to a completely different level. We are the specialist in the field of home cinema and hifi systems in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Our experts are looking for the perfect home cinema solution for image and sound. Do you opt for a large flat screen TV Installation? Or for a projection system? Home Cinema Amplifiers? Are you curious how to see this pineapple? At Audio Video King, we have our own professional showroom at Los Angels and Orange County.

At Audio Video King you are also at the right place for the sound. High End, Compact Design Speakers, Built-in Speakers: We demonstrate all models for you.

Do you need acoustic advice or advice when designing your home theater? Our system integrators are happy to help you with your visit at home.

Come to Audio Video King quickly and be surprised.

A multifunctional remote control: pure comfort
Ready to watch your favorite movie? One press of the button and the lights are dimmed, the screen goes down, the projector starts, the amplifier shoots into action … So simple and fun can be life.

Want more information about multifunctional remote controls? We have several models demonstration-ready. We distribute the most renowned brands: Pro Control, Control 4, Crestron, Logitech. In addition, we ensure integration on your iPad.

Home cinema and powerful surround speakers

Home theater speakersTimes are changing. Previously, you went with friends to the cinema to watch the latest movies in high sound quality. Now the home theater installation also popular. The show atmosphere is created by, AVK, a flat screen. A good home theater set is essential for this. For excellent surround sound, buy the best a 5.1 system.

AudioVideoKing offers in the category of home theater different systems. Something for everyone. From complete micro and small-sized installations to pole systems. Each room equipped correctly. When buying a little on your home, so the home cinema system fits in well here and is not well represented. In the living room are very popular speaker columns. For work or student is advised a complete microsystem. And valleys is still possible, exactly in between.

Listening music with home cinema

Home theater systems are now so advanced that Dolby surrounds sound even for unlimited music to use. Of course, a home cinema impresses most when soundscape with an entertaining film. But not only that. More concerts, e.g., concert DVDs, sound to the home theater system almost like being there live with. The home cinema can also use for mobile gamers. So you immediately have the feeling to sit in the middle of the game. Not only the sound of the game is displayed perfectly but also killing some extra emphasis on the various effects and what is happening in the picture.

Home cinema sets also considered by Audio Video King complete set of surround AV receiver offered.

It is important that you know where you position your home theater, where it is important to pay attention to the size of the room. Here eventually makes your home theater to an individual and most realistic experience.

For more information contact us at 1-323-332-6781 or visit our website