Purchase TV Installation Service in Los Angeles

tv-installation-laYou can buy a TV installation service in one of our stores or online through the website. In addition, thanks to our free Click & Collect service, you can order and pick up a Wall TV installation service just a one phone call 323-332-6781. There are different payment options, so there is a customized solution for everyone.

Buying a TV installation online and paying can be done in the following ways:

* TV installation service purchases by direct payment (in secure security) with the following payment cards / credit cards: VISA – MASTERCARD – AMERICAN EXPRESS via internet banking: Belfius Direct Net, KBC Online, ING Homepay, CBC Online

* Pay TV installation service via classic transfer on our account number (323) 332-6781 (not possible with Click & Collect). In this case, the TV installation service is reserved for 5 days, pending payment.

When booking a TV installation service via “Click & Collect” you can always pay an advance payment through a direct payment. After this you will receive a confirmation email or text message that will allow you to go to the store of your choice.


Of course, you can also purchase a TV installation service in Audio Video King.


Do you like the home theater?

FullSize-Render-Tv-InstallationBut do not you want to be disturbed by the noise of people around you? From now on, that’s no problem, with Audio Video King’s home theater system, you create your own home theater installation.

Audio Video King brings your television tones to a completely different level. We are the specialist in the field of home cinema and hifi systems in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Our experts are looking for the perfect home cinema solution for image and sound. Do you opt for a large flat screen TV Installation? Or for a projection system? Home Cinema Amplifiers? Are you curious how to see this pineapple? At Audio Video King, we have our own professional showroom at Los Angels and Orange County.

At Audio Video King you are also at the right place for the sound. High End, Compact Design Speakers, Built-in Speakers: We demonstrate all models for you.

Do you need acoustic advice or advice when designing your home theater? Our system integrators are happy to help you with your visit at home.

Come to Audio Video King quickly and be surprised.

A multifunctional remote control: pure comfort
Ready to watch your favorite movie? One press of the button and the lights are dimmed, the screen goes down, the projector starts, the amplifier shoots into action … So simple and fun can be life.

Want more information about multifunctional remote controls? We have several models demonstration-ready. We distribute the most renowned brands: Pro Control, Control 4, Crestron, Logitech. In addition, we ensure integration on your iPad.

Home cinema and powerful surround speakers

Home theater speakersTimes are changing. Previously, you went with friends to the cinema to watch the latest movies in high sound quality. Now the home theater installation also popular. The show atmosphere is created by, AVK, a flat screen. A good home theater set is essential for this. For excellent surround sound, buy the best a 5.1 system.

AudioVideoKing offers in the category of home theater different systems. Something for everyone. From complete micro and small-sized installations to pole systems. Each room equipped correctly. When buying a little on your home, so the home cinema system fits in well here and is not well represented. In the living room are very popular speaker columns. For work or student is advised a complete microsystem. And valleys is still possible, exactly in between.

Listening music with home cinema

Home theater systems are now so advanced that Dolby surrounds sound even for unlimited music to use. Of course, a home cinema impresses most when soundscape with an entertaining film. But not only that. More concerts, e.g., concert DVDs, sound to the home theater system almost like being there live with. The home cinema can also use for mobile gamers. So you immediately have the feeling to sit in the middle of the game. Not only the sound of the game is displayed perfectly but also killing some extra emphasis on the various effects and what is happening in the picture.

Home cinema sets also considered by Audio Video King complete set of surround AV receiver offered.

It is important that you know where you position your home theater, where it is important to pay attention to the size of the room. Here eventually makes your home theater to an individual and most realistic experience.

For more information contact us at 1-323-332-6781 or visit our website www.audiovideoking.com.

Best Home Theater Installation Services

home theater installation los angelesSince 1998, Audio Video King is a company specializing in the Security Cameras and realization of Home Theater Installation Los Angeles. Discover us and our services through the different sections we offer. For further information, please contact us.

Audio Video King guides you through each step. We offer the services you need to carry out your project:
Wall TV Installation
– Home Theater System
– Projectors Installation
Security Cameras Installation

The installation of a Home Theater can be undertaken in any rooms or hall.

We work with major brands such as Epson, LG, Samsung, etc.

For more information or for a free quote, do not hesitate to contact us by phone (323) 332-6781 or through our “contact us” page.

We will respond as soon as possible.

Audio Video King
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CCTV Installation Los Angeles

cctv-installationAVK CCTV Public Places (CCTV) is intended to be used for the design, construction and maintenance of security camera systems or parts thereof that are used for camera surveillance in public places. The camera system is built up with cameras specified for sensing, detection and / or identification.

The camera system consists of the set of cameras and the associated transmission of images to the display used in the central area where the images are awaited.

For whom?
Installers, Suppliers CCTV systems Consultancy’s, Audio Video King security companies, Municipalities

When it is needed?
CCTV use in recent years has boomed. Both the private and the public sector are increasingly used cameras for the security of buildings, goods and people.

Municipalities are increasingly choosing and earlier for placing Security Cameras to complement the policing of the streets. Besides the technical requirements in terms of quality to such camera systems also meet the requirements in terms of privacy. however; how to determine a recipient of a camera or system meets the technical and legal requirements?

Many municipalities set the AVK CCTV Cameras became a basis and require an Security Cameras Installation certificate is issued on the camera. Such a certificate can only be issued by certified CCTV installation companies approved on the basis of the assessment CCTV Public Places.

Process Steps
The AVK CCTV Public Places (CCTV), process certification for the design, construction and maintenance of camera systems, makes demands on the design, construction and maintenance of the camera, such as the demands on the camera, the transmission, the detail design and quality of the saved images.

In addition, the schedule sets requirements for the quality system which include the requirements for personnel, procedures and work instructions, job training, equipment and measuring instruments and document management.

Certification Process CCTV Installation recognized
Certification of your company as CCTV Security Cameras Installation begins with an application, and you will receive a quote. On the basis of this offer, you can enter into a certification agreement with Audio Video King. Thereafter an independent audit authorization follows, Audio Video King NCP assess whether the criteria for certification as CCTV Installation are met. The research results are positive, following certification. If any deficiencies are identified, you must lift it first.

After the initial certification audit investigations are conducted annually to determine that the certified processes and activities carried out continuously still meet the requirements.

Field tests
Assessing the projects is an essential part of the certification examination and can not be omitted. When evaluating projects using the so-called Rotakin doll. By applying it is regardless of make and model camera ruled on the image size and image quality on the monitor in the monitoring center.

About Audio Video King
Audio Video King has years of experience in certifying companies to include CCTV. Audio Video King NCP me share with you the business processes within your organization where necessary improve.

Besides the certification CCTV Installation we can be in many market areas of service. These include combinations of your certification for camera surveillance with certifications in Site Security, AudioVideoKing.

Audio Video King NCP concluded a license agreement with the CCV to carry out the CCV Assessment CCTV Public Places, process certification for the design, construction and maintenance of camera systems.

To request a quote please click here.

For more information please contact us on telephone number 323-332-6781.

Granada Hills Ca Home Theater Installation TV

Granada Hills Home Theater

As part of our home theater installation in Granada hills, CA. we supply home theater systems that are an excellent and Audio Video Installation in Granada Hills. The cleanest install and best price on all parts and labor, guaranteed.

Installing a home theater can be tricky, and there are so many chances of opportunities for things to go wrong. To avoid costly mistakes, and to get the best from your investment, it is always recommended to get the help of experts, rather than try to save money by doing it yourself.

Granada Hills Home theater installation is recognized in the industry as a premier provider, after having provided home theater installation solution for more than fifteen years.

Many of the businesses in the area have called on us to complete the installation of flat panel televisions, security camera installation, and surveillance systems to monitor their premises on a 24 hr basis.

Because of the explosive growth in the use of digital electronics, all of our TV installers are certified and undergo special training to gain the specialized knowledge and skills needed to complete TV installations. The rigorous training provides the knowledge and skills needed in the wide range of disciplines.

Audio visual systems are becoming more important, not only for entertainment purposes but also as a part of the functioning of many businesses.

We have installed home theaters that are seen as one of the most commonly used rooms in the home, while home automation becomes more important to homeowners for saving on energy costs.

Our overall commitment to providing top quality services begins with an examination of each circumstance before the appropriate installation package is recommended.

Expert designers can recommend the most suitable solutions that meet your lifestyle, while it meets your budget, or a customized package incorporating all of the necessary components can be developed.

We value all relationships and work closely with all clients. Full disclosure and transparency are two important words, and we are always happy to answer all questions and explain all details. We also provide full training and on-going support.

Sound TV through speakers or home theater soundbar: How it works

home-theater-soundbarIt’s been a long time ago that we have written extensively about connecting your TV installation to your sound bar or home theater system and get the sound of your TV on your speakers. There has changed a few things over the years and so it is time for an update. We explain you how everything fits exactly in this blog so you can get the audio from your TV through the speakers of your audio system or your soundbar.

Sound of your TV on your speakers or soundbar

We engage in this blog two situations; you have your TV and home theater system, or you have your TV and soundbar. In both cases, you want the sound to display the TV stations, the smart TV apps and connected produce over the speakers. That may be the speakers of your home theater set, whether the speakers are included in your soundbar.

Use HDMI arc

The most obvious solution is HDMI arc. This function makes it possible to use the HDMI cable that is located between the TV and home cinema soundbar or in two directions. On the one hand, the image of your home cinema or soundbar (think of a built-in or connected Blu-ray player) towards controlled television, and on the other hand, the TV sound of the TV channels, apps and connected devices send it back. The condition is that both the home cinema or soundbar and TV support HDMI arc. Want to know more about this connection option, please read our blog about HDMI arc. Then read especially why HDMI arc does not always work well. Because manufacturers implement hdmi arc in different ways, it might be that you do not hear the audio of smart TV apps get.

In this scenario, we assume that you have connected the digital TV decoder to the TV, and is therefore sent to the audio from the TV channels through the TV and HDMI arc to your speakers. This solution also applies when you look more similar to television channels, or when using the CI + module of your TV. Please note; select on home cinema soundbar or the right input, often TV (ARC) in this case, to hear sound.

Direct connection to home theater or sound bar

If it really only go to the audio from TV programs and you use an external TV decoder for receiving these channels, you can connect the decoder directly to your home cinema or soundbar. Use an HDMI connection when possible. Connect the decoder (set-top box), then to the home theater set or soundbar and go from the sound bar or home cinema set direction in the TV picture.

Do not have HDMI output (or no HDMI inputs) on your home cinema or soundbar? Use an audio cable (digital coaxial or optical) to connect the decoder to the home cinema or soundbar. Then use an HDMI cable between the decoder and the TV for the picture. The disadvantage of this solution is that you should always put your home cinema soundbar or to hear the sound of the TV channels. Some systems (especially receivers) have the option to also send the audio so you can use the TV’s speakers if desired.

Analog TV and no HDMI arc

It is also possible that you have analog TV watching or not have hdmi arc. Then you need a cable from your TV back to put your home theater system or receiver. This can be both digital and analog, but digital has always preferred since it supports more formats and offers better quality. so look at the audio outputs you have TV and which inputs you have home cinema or soundbar. Then you will lay a cable from the TV to your home cinema soundbar or to get the sound over the speakers.

This solution is also applicable when the digital TV decoder directly to the TV connection instead of your home cinema system. The sound decoder can thus be controlled via the TV to the home theater set. In addition, this solution applies when HDMI arc not return all sources to the home cinema set or soundbar. You hear no audio example of smart TV apps? Then place the extra audio cable between the TV and the speaker system. Please note; select on home cinema soundbar or the correct input to hear sound.

More information

More information about connecting your home theater system and other interesting tips can be found via the links below. For a complete list of all the advice and tips you can go to the Audio Video King for home theater installation guide.

Surveillance camera types and price

If you want to improve the safety of your home, you might consider installing CCTV. In this blog, you can get acquainted with the different types of security camera systems and their prices. You also discover more about the legislation before placing cameras.

Free and without obligation quotes for the security cameras installation?

When placing security cameras you have many possibilities. Here are some common types of surveillance.

Analog CCTV
analog-cctvWith analog CCTV you can view the images created by the camera through the internet when you install a recorder on the network. This system is admittedly fairly inexpensive, but it is already quite outdated and the quality of the images is only 0.3 megapixel not so good. It should also be installed separately wired to the recorder for each camera, which makes the system quite complex. An advantage of this system is that there is no image loss is when the network fails. Using infrared illumination is also possible in low light conditions to create images.

Higher image quality with IP cameras
Because of the higher resolution deliver IP video surveillance systems, better picture quality. Because of this, you do need more storage capacity, although this problem is solved with the most modern systems thanks to video compression. The biggest advantage of this system is that there are many possibilities. You can zoom in, among other things, detect motion and even receive alerts when motion is detected. In addition, you can easily view the images from the cameras via the internet.

HD-SDI cameras, camera images in high definition
This kind of surveillance combines the standard camera ease of use with image quality in high definition. The images from these cameras can only be recorded by an HD-SDI recorder, although the connection is the same as that of analog cameras. It is possible to use these cameras in a closed system, but they can also easily connect to a network so you can view the images on your computer or smartphone.hd-sdi-cameras

CCTV wireless
Today it is also possible to install a wireless camera. The big advantage is of course that you do not have to take account of a cabling system. This makes them easy to install and can moreover give quickly a different place them.

Camera surveillance laws
The placement of security camera is bound by some strict rules. You must adhere to the general Privacy Act and there is also a specific Camera went. Thus, it is required to report to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy that you have placed a camera. This declaration can be done online and should be arranged prior to the commissioning of the security system.

It should also all access to the site equipped placed an icon with CCTV indicating that security cameras installed. The size of the icon will depend on the nature of the place where the camera (s) is/are placed. You can as a private individual, moreover, no cameras placed on public property or pictures from the public domain. For more information on the legislation on security camera advice, you can ask the installer of your camera.

Price surveillance
The price for the standard analog cameras starts with (not including VAT) about 52.26 dollars each. For an IP camera, you pay soon 104.52 dollars, and prices for cameras with better image quality, better zoom options, and range are still a lot higher. For a wireless camera prices start at 104.52 dollars each. If you choose a whole set, including storage material for the images and any accessories, the price will naturally be higher. For an analog surveillance system with one camera, you may expect a starting price of 313.55 dollars, for an IP camera set with one camera prices start around 522.58 dollars.

Keep in mind that installation of surveillance also involves costs.

Would you have it installed by a professional surveillance camera? Through the online quote service, you can apply for free and without obligation quotes from Audio Video King.

A new home theater installation … and then?

home-theater-installation-laYou have your new installation in the new components and speakers are unpacked … What then? Drafting properly and adjusting such a system is one of the most important and most underestimated things after purchase.

Usually not consider when purchasing a new home theater system into the purchase of some necessary extras. The cables are usually an afterthought. And tools such as a test DVD or a sound pressure meter has already reserved no budget.

To get the maximum results from your new Home Theater, we provide a general guide to installing and adjusting your Home Theater system.

Home Cinema situation with the author

We will consider each of the following topics:

1. Test DVD`s
2. Listen to Space and sweet spot
3. Placement of your speakers
4. Connecting the components
5. Connecting your speakers + overall control
6. The adjustment of the front, center, surround speakers
7. Adjusting the Subwoofer

It will in practice often prevent an ideal position for the equipment, speakers and the listening position (sweet spot) can be selected. Often there will be concessions have to be made. Fortunately, it is possible with most equipment to correct the deficiencies in the decor of your home.

For completeness, we do not discuss in this blog are the installation and commissioning of (large screen) TV’s and / or projectors and screens.

If you have any query feels free to contact us at Audio Video King.

Buying guide wall brackets for TV

wall brackets for TVA wall bracket to hang your TV on the wall is not low price. It is therefore important to immediately choose a good wall bracket. A good system, moreover, is also important because of the safety.

Have you picked a nice spot on the wall for your TV? With the appropriate wall mount allows you for hours of comfortable viewing, and you can be sure that the screen is stuck. Given the weight of certain devices (and the price) is of great importance.

Although traders do not often put in the spotlight, there exist dozens of different wall brackets for several televisions. There are fixed and movable brackets, with or without telescopic arm, whether or not motorized etc. The prices are very diverse.

They are, moreover, not always for all TV sets suitable, even though they are supposedly universal wall mounts.

Think carefully about what you want yourself and take into account any technical limitations before you purchase one there. Can television linger static or want to tip over and possibly run? Do you want to get him off the wall, so the screen is better or is visible from multiple positions? It is also important to check the specifications of your TV set to find a compatible bracket to determine whether the wall is sufficiently strong and choose the appropriate restraint.

You can read our advice or TV Installation Los Angeles, Contact Audio Video King.