You can hang up your TV and wall bracket in 4 steps


You have bought a wall bracket that lets you hang your TV tightly against the wall. But how do you proceed? To make it easy for you, I have put all the steps you need to take. Follow these instructions and your TV hangs on the wall like a picture frame in no time.

Collect the materials you need
Remove all materials from the box of your wall bracket. There is a chance that you will have parts at the end of the wall TV installation. This is because parts are often supplied for different sizes of TVs.

These items are not on the packaging, but you do need:
Phillips screwdriver
Flat screwdriver
Ring spanner
Drilling machine or impact drill
Vacuum cleaner
Stone or wood drill in the size of the plugs of the wall bracket
Spirit level (if it is not near the wall bracket)
Tape measure

Do you have a big TV that you can not wear alone? Then make sure there is someone in the room who can help you.

Step 1: Attach the frame of the wall bracket to the TV
Place the screen face down on a soft and stable surface. Use a cloth or cloth when you place the TV on the floor or on a table. Find the right bolts from the wall bracket packaging and attach the strips or interface plate to your television. Ensure that the strip or plate does not protrude above, below or beside the TV after installation.

Step 2: Determine and sign where you want to hang the TV
Draw the screw holes in the wall. For the ideal height, place the TV so that the eye level falls from your viewing position to two-thirds of the height of the screen. Because the TV is larger than the bracket, it can hang higher or lower after the confirmation you had in mind. A convenient way to determine the exact height is to place the bracket separately on the TV. Then measure the distance between the screw holes and the bottom of the TV. Mark this distance under the screw holes of the wall and you know exactly where your TV is hanging on the wall.

Step 3: Attach the suspension system to the wall
With the supplied screws and a screwdriver, you fix the wall bracket to the wall. With some systems, you have room to move the wall bracket slightly after mounting. This allows you to hang it perfectly, even if you have not drilled the holes properly. Use your spirit level to hang the bracket straight.

Step 4: Hang the TV with the frame on the suspension system
Pick up the television and bring it to the wall. Depending on the mounting system, attach the TV to the wall bracket.

Do you have a wall bracket with strips? Then hang the television with the strips in the bracket. With some systems, you hear a click as soon as the television hangs.
You can fasten a wall bracket with a swivel arm by screwing the TV with an adapter to the attached arm.

Do you have a bracket where you have to tighten bolts after assembly? Then place the spirit level on the TV, hang the screen straight and tighten the bolts.

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We would like to install your TV for you!

flat-panel-tv-installationYou have carefully selected a new TV installation, and you want nothing more than enjoying the incredible image, fantastic sound and stylish design now.

But where do you start? After all, something has to be done before the TV hangs or stands where you want it!

Perhaps you see the wall TV installation operating instructions as a challenge? Or do you take the drill to hand the TV on the wall? However, the chance is that you will not be waiting for it. That’s not a problem because we’re coming to you. At a chosen time!

What do we like to do for you? We

  • Deliver your TV and get it tidy,
  • Take your old TV back with you,
  • Put your TV in the desired place or
  • Hang these neatly on the wall with the desired wall bracket
  • Also install the corresponding sound (soundbar, speakers)
  • Make sure that a cable duct cleans cables and wires
  • Set the channels and the remote control in the right way!
  • Our installation specialists run daily throughout the Los Angeles to fully customize the TV (and the sound) with our customers. As a result, you do not have Installation stress, and it will work well! Our specialists do it every day!

That’s not easy and you’re sure your equipment installed correctly!

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Purchase TV Installation Service in Los Angeles

tv-installation-laYou can buy a TV installation service in one of our stores or online through the website. In addition, thanks to our free Click & Collect service, you can order and pick up a Wall TV installation service just a one phone call 323-332-6781. There are different payment options, so there is a customized solution for everyone.

Buying a TV installation online and paying can be done in the following ways:

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Buying guide wall brackets for TV

wall brackets for TVA wall bracket to hang your TV on the wall is not low price. It is therefore important to immediately choose a good wall bracket. A good system, moreover, is also important because of the safety.

Have you picked a nice spot on the wall for your TV? With the appropriate wall mount allows you for hours of comfortable viewing, and you can be sure that the screen is stuck. Given the weight of certain devices (and the price) is of great importance.

Although traders do not often put in the spotlight, there exist dozens of different wall brackets for several televisions. There are fixed and movable brackets, with or without telescopic arm, whether or not motorized etc. The prices are very diverse.

They are, moreover, not always for all TV sets suitable, even though they are supposedly universal wall mounts.

Think carefully about what you want yourself and take into account any technical limitations before you purchase one there. Can television linger static or want to tip over and possibly run? Do you want to get him off the wall, so the screen is better or is visible from multiple positions? It is also important to check the specifications of your TV set to find a compatible bracket to determine whether the wall is sufficiently strong and choose the appropriate restraint.

You can read our advice or TV Installation Los Angeles, Contact Audio Video King.