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FullSize-Render-Tv-InstallationBut do not you want to be disturbed by the noise of people around you? From now on, that’s no problem, with Audio Video King’s home theater system, you create your own home theater installation.

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A multifunctional remote control: pure comfort
Ready to watch your favorite movie? One press of the button and the lights are dimmed, the screen goes down, the projector starts, the amplifier shoots into action … So simple and fun can be life.

Want more information about multifunctional remote controls? We have several models demonstration-ready. We distribute the most renowned brands: Pro Control, Control 4, Crestron, Logitech. In addition, we ensure integration on your iPad.


Best Home Theater Installation Services

home theater installation los angelesSince 1998, Audio Video King is a company specializing in the Security Cameras and realization of Home Theater Installation Los Angeles. Discover us and our services through the different sections we offer. For further information, please contact us.

Audio Video King guides you through each step. We offer the services you need to carry out your project:
Wall TV Installation
– Home Theater System
– Projectors Installation
Security Cameras Installation

The installation of a Home Theater can be undertaken in any rooms or hall.

We work with major brands such as Epson, LG, Samsung, etc.

For more information or for a free quote, do not hesitate to contact us by phone (323) 332-6781 or through our “contact us” page.

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Home Theater System Basic Setup

A home theater installer framework is a collection of electronic segments connected together so as to reproduce the experience of viewing a Movie in a Home theater los angeles.
When it comes to installation a home theaters, there may be some perplexity as to the sorts of parts require. It is normal that a ton of inquiries will be asked around there. It will be further bolstering your good fortune to recognize what are the parts needed.
At that point toward the day’s end you will have the capacity to choose which ones are to be incorporated and which ones are redundant so as to make a home theater that is both compelling and stimulating.
Right, we should begin by taking a gander at what are the extremely essential and critical segments that are obliged to situated up a home theater framework.

Home theater installerDisplay System

The principal part is the showcase framework. This can be the TV installeer los angeles or set that you have now. On the other hand on the off chance that you choose to have another presentation framework, then the decisions are you can have back projection TVs, LCD or plasma TVs or front projection projectors. Every sorts of showcase framework have their own particular favorable circumstances and weaknesses. At that point there is a distinction in costs among them as well.
Which to pick is controlled by your necessity, your room size and plan. Case in point, a necessity perhaps you need your presentation framework to be HD, that is High definition prepared, accordingly you have to verify the showcase framework you purchase is HD prepared. Alternately the home theater room is not extensive, in this manner it bodes well to get a screen estimate that is sensible. Accordingly you have got the chance to strike a parity among the prerequisites said.

Instructions to Wall Mount your TV a Regulated Guide

1. Consider deliberately the area for your television. In the event that important remove a format of paper or card and stick it to the divider. Attempt to envision the tv installation in Orange county. Is it agreeable to watch? Contemplate access to power attachments and other link necessities. I picked the area for mine totally on account of the threw-divider access to link prerequisites, significance all my links are covered up.
2. Do any work important to reassemble your divider mount or section. When this is carried out you can hold it up on the divider in position. Most mounts now accompany incorporated soul level to help you at this stage. Choose what number of fixings to have (least of four) and painstakingly check them, making a point not to lose your level.
3. Measure how profound your gaps need to be. In plasterboard you need to be mindful so as not to hit any links or pipes or penetrate through to the following room. Drill your gaps verifying that the dust is gotten in a sheet . Block dust can be difficult to expel from floor covering.
4. embed you fixings. In the event that you have picked the right size drill for your fittings they may require a delicate tap. screw the section to the divider, taking consideration with plasterboard not to harm it.
5. Hang your television onto the section. For greater units now is the first occasion when you may require some assistance. Get your volunteer to take the weight whilst you finish the settling procedure.
Step by step instructions to mount your level screen television – tips
A few tips for a clean complete of your television mounting
To one side you can see a photograph I could call my own late establishment. I was lucky in that one of my family room dividers upheld onto the kitchen. Accordingly I had the capacity discharge one of the cabinets and string all my links through a gap into this organizer. I introduced an additional attachment in this cabinet to issue me control.
The last thought was for our extremely unbalanced looking link box. I tackled this issue by buying a tilting mount. This issued me some additional space behind. By settling a little retire section to the divider it made an immaculate space for the link box to sit circumspectly.


Tv InstallationThis short article is to be used to be a standard manual, regularly hold fast to conveyed directions. While making sense of the path extensive so as to section your current TV set, the best viewing point of view is normally straight upon (eye level). On the off chance that you have been to force the flat arrangement over the middle of your current TVset (don’t really pull the arrangement on the screen), this sort of arrangement need to compare to a man’s eye level of your current groups of onlookers. In the matter of Tilt Wall mounts, you’ll have the capacity to section your screen really expanded and tilt your screen to pay with the rise. The starting step must be to recognize the region of divider layer perfect for your section. My mate and i never prescribe introducing TV mounts into drywall independent from anyone else, regardless of the pounds! Drywall can not support your pounds of your screen all of which will rapidly part prompting your current created to succumb to the deck. Your better wager ought to be to recognize the stud (wooden shaft) controlling your drywall you could connect into. Divider mounts can likewise be introduced into expansive shake and also concrete, these sorts of sets up are typically straightforward since you don’t require keeping in mind the end goal to make a fuss over securing studs, your block/cement is really steady a lot of without treatment to convey your pounds. Verify your current mounting parts enters in the stud. On the off chance that the home/office meets expectations by utilizing material stage instead of wood made studs, I prescribe ordinarily accessible switch items. They can be spotted at a territory parts retail location or on the web. Enviromentally amicable components may be of investment as well. There has been a current fever keeping in mind the end goal to dangling flatscreens going before your flame. In spite of the fact that this sort of seems average, your temp changes have indicated to decrease TV set general execution and by and large with a specific end goal to harm your screen. It can be completed in any case, yet first affirm your divider/fireplace going before your blaze won’t have temp changes of more than 20 recognition Fahrenheit. Follow quantities of smoking may realize yellowing over the long haul. Precisely the same thing applies to baseboard warm and additionally radiators. Verify the television is really much a lot of aside that it must be without a doubt not be liable to extreme temp fluctuations.