Surveillance camera types and price

If you want to improve the safety of your home, you might consider installing CCTV. In this blog, you can get acquainted with the different types of security camera systems and their prices. You also discover more about the legislation before placing cameras.

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When placing security cameras you have many possibilities. Here are some common types of surveillance.

Analog CCTV
analog-cctvWith analog CCTV you can view the images created by the camera through the internet when you install a recorder on the network. This system is admittedly fairly inexpensive, but it is already quite outdated and the quality of the images is only 0.3 megapixel not so good. It should also be installed separately wired to the recorder for each camera, which makes the system quite complex. An advantage of this system is that there is no image loss is when the network fails. Using infrared illumination is also possible in low light conditions to create images.

Higher image quality with IP cameras
Because of the higher resolution deliver IP video surveillance systems, better picture quality. Because of this, you do need more storage capacity, although this problem is solved with the most modern systems thanks to video compression. The biggest advantage of this system is that there are many possibilities. You can zoom in, among other things, detect motion and even receive alerts when motion is detected. In addition, you can easily view the images from the cameras via the internet.

HD-SDI cameras, camera images in high definition
This kind of surveillance combines the standard camera ease of use with image quality in high definition. The images from these cameras can only be recorded by an HD-SDI recorder, although the connection is the same as that of analog cameras. It is possible to use these cameras in a closed system, but they can also easily connect to a network so you can view the images on your computer or smartphone.hd-sdi-cameras

CCTV wireless
Today it is also possible to install a wireless camera. The big advantage is of course that you do not have to take account of a cabling system. This makes them easy to install and can moreover give quickly a different place them.

Camera surveillance laws
The placement of security camera is bound by some strict rules. You must adhere to the general Privacy Act and there is also a specific Camera went. Thus, it is required to report to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy that you have placed a camera. This declaration can be done online and should be arranged prior to the commissioning of the security system.

It should also all access to the site equipped placed an icon with CCTV indicating that security cameras installed. The size of the icon will depend on the nature of the place where the camera (s) is/are placed. You can as a private individual, moreover, no cameras placed on public property or pictures from the public domain. For more information on the legislation on security camera advice, you can ask the installer of your camera.

Price surveillance
The price for the standard analog cameras starts with (not including VAT) about 52.26 dollars each. For an IP camera, you pay soon 104.52 dollars, and prices for cameras with better image quality, better zoom options, and range are still a lot higher. For a wireless camera prices start at 104.52 dollars each. If you choose a whole set, including storage material for the images and any accessories, the price will naturally be higher. For an analog surveillance system with one camera, you may expect a starting price of 313.55 dollars, for an IP camera set with one camera prices start around 522.58 dollars.

Keep in mind that installation of surveillance also involves costs.

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