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home theater installation los angelesSince 1998, Audio Video King is a company specializing in the Security Cameras and realization of Home Theater Installation Los Angeles. Discover us and our services through the different sections we offer. For further information, please contact us.

Audio Video King guides you through each step. We offer the services you need to carry out your project:
Wall TV Installation
– Home Theater System
– Projectors Installation
Security Cameras Installation

The installation of a Home Theater can be undertaken in any rooms or hall.

We work with major brands such as Epson, LG, Samsung, etc.

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tv wall bracketsWhich brackets are suitable for my TV?
Most wall brackets are universal mounting on a TV using VESA sizes. VESA size indicates the attachment points of the television. Before picking out a bracket you should know the inch size and weight of your television. In our help center, you can easily choose the inch size of your TV to see all the appropriate brackets. With a suitable bracket VESA mounting points are similar to those at the back of your TV.

Where are the VESA points of my TV?
You can find the VESA mounting points on the rear of your television. The larger your screen is, the farther down the points apart. The illustration VESA points are depicted by the white dots. When choosing your bracket into account the connections of your television. When they sit outside the fastening points, each appropriate bracket is suitable.

When the connections are within the attachment points of the bracket, each bracket is not suitable. Choose in this case for a bracket with an open design. So all connections will remain available and you do not get into trouble with connecting a DVD player or console.

What you place the TV?
Will hang the TV at eye level, or you confirm it above a fireplace or in the bedroom? For the best viewing experience, you should always look straight toward the TV. When the TV is hung above eye level, choose a tilting wall bracket so that the screen can be tilted downwards.

Must be able to turn the TV?
Choose a swivel bracket if you want to watch both from the sofa and the dining table TV. If the bracket far must rotate the bracket should be adjustable in depth. The TV must then further away from the wall hanging to make the turn. When you tilt the TV is and it hangs above eye level, then take a tilt and swivel wall bracket.

How do you attach a bracket?
Attaching a bracket is fairly simple. To hang the TV, you need a pencil, drill, screwdriver, tape measure and level. The brackets are supplied with clear instructions and available for many are even video instructions. Let you rather hang by an expert your TV? Then choose our TV installation service.