What is a good brand security camera

LA-Security-Camera-InstallationSurveillance camera brands It can be quite difficult to determine which brand security cameras is best suited for your project, house or assignment.
The prices are from a few dozen to thousands of dollars.

First of all, which popular brands are available at the moment?
– SST (a super brand from Taiwan for great prices and 5 years warranty)
– Samsung
– Sony
– Bosch
– Vivotek
– Dahua
– Hikvision
– Axis
– Panasonic
– Mobotix
– Milestone
– Netgear
– Videotec

SST CCTV brand
SST security camera systems are unique and reliable for an extremely low price.
SST is handmade in Taiwan, with also quality, SST systems are thoroughly tested 3 times before going to the customer.
We can say from experience that SST is a top brand that can compete well with the larger well-known brands, but with a lower price tag.
Do you have a project or a customer that does not want to spend too much money, but still wants to use an a-brand reliable camera system?
Then SST is a perfect alternative that you should have tested at least once.
We have been selling SST camera systems as the only dealer for 10 years, in 10 years we have seen many well-known popular brands, which within the warranty period of 2 to 3 years already broken, this is totally not the case with SST brand security cameras. We have customers who have been using our SST video systems for 10 years and are still working.

If you have more money to spend, buy a Dahua brand camera system.
The possibilities are extensive and almost everything is possible, especially with the use of Dahua’s intelligent systems.
Buy the paid app from Dahua and receive REAL TIME ALARM if there is a movement, fantastic right?

One of the market leaders at the moment, with sublime image quality especially at night!

Audio Video King, Sight & Sound provides high-quality smart home solutions and affordable Security Cameras Installation services to customers across Los Angeles, California. Call us now for free quote: (323) 332-6781


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