New Powerful Subwoofers Installation

polk-home-theaterPolk Audio has added two new top products to the Home Theater series, namely the subwoofers HTS10 and HTS12. These 10 and 12-inch long-throw subwoofers feature Polk’s patented Power Port technology and add powerful and deep bass to any home theater installation.

The Polk Audio HTS subwoofers are equipped with a dynamic Dynamic Balance 10 inch (HTS10) and a 12 inch (HTS12) driver, patented Power Port technology and an advanced 200 W versus a 400 W Class D amplifier. The result is an overwhelming bass effect that makes films and music even more alive.

The unique thing about both subwoofers is the fact that they are the only subwoofers with this Power Port technology. Polk Audio chose this technology to give the models a lower and more accurate bass sound. The Power Port technology ensures that the air flow from the loudspeaker is sent smoothly to the listener, with a deep bass and minimal distortion.

Michael Greco, Global Brand Director of Polk Audio confirms the choice for Polk’s PowerPort technology, reducing port noise, but maintaining the depth and clarity of the sound.

Both the HTS10 and HTS12 have optimized drivers. They are also compatible with home theater equipment and are equipped with connectivity via LFE or component inputs. As a result, the subwoofers connect perfectly to any home theater system. A simple control panel for volume control and a 12v trigger for switching on and off are also available.

And finally the appearance of the HTS10 and HTS12. They are built with a strong and acoustic housing. In addition, the MF construction with extra reinforcement ensures a lifelike sound.


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