Where to Place Home IP Security Cameras

ip camerainstallationYou can increase safety in and around your home or business by placing an IP camera. This type of camera is connected to the computer network of the home or company, so you can easily view the images on different devices. In this article, you will learn more about the possibilities and prices of IP cameras.

What is an IP Camera?
An IP camera (IP stands for internet protocol) is a form of camera security that is connected to the computer network. For the connection, you can opt for a network cable, but nowadays it is much easier to choose a wireless connection to the network (wifi IP camera), although of course there is always a power supply needed. A wireless IP camera can be connected quickly and you can easily view the images on your computer, smartphone or tablet. You can save the images on a computer or an external hard disk with the internet connection. You can also add other functions. For example, you can configure that you get a notification when movement is detected. That way you can react quickly if someone tries to break into it.

Can I install an IP camera outside?
It is certainly possible to place an IP camera outside. To guarantee the quality of the images it is necessary to maintain the camera well. That is why you should clean the lens (or the case in the case of a dome model) regularly. This can be done simply with a damp cloth or specially designed cleaning wipes. Also, make sure that there are no cobwebs hanging in front of the lens. You also check regularly that there is no damage to the cabling. Read more about – How to Install Security Cameras Installation.

There are two camera types that are very popular:

1) The bullet camera is actually the classic camera model. You can place a bullet IP camera outside or inside. This type of camera is fairly large and striking and is usually attached to a wall or post. Installation is not difficult and with rotating cameras, it is easy to set the direction of rotation to ensure optimal camera surveillance. Usually, a bullet camera is equipped with an infrared function so that it can also produce qualitative images in dark conditions. A disadvantage of bullet cameras is that they can be sabotaged quite easily if they are hanging at low altitudes. In many cases, they are also less aesthetic than the dome cameras.

2) A dome camera is less noticeable than a bullet camera. These domed cameras with glass or plastic casings are usually attached to the ceiling or a wall, but with the help of a bracket, they can also be mounted on posts. Due to the robustness of this camera type, it is very suitable for camera surveillance outside. Another advantage is that it is difficult to see the lens. This makes it difficult for burglars to know whether they are being filmed or not. In terms of types of dome cameras, there are many options. There are models with a fixed film direction, but there are also versions with rotating lenses, movement sensors, night vision and zoom function.

Buy IP camera
If you want to buy an IP camera, you have a choice of many types and qualities. For a basic model of an IP camera, you can expect a price of about $100 although the price for cheap models can sometimes be lower. This is the price for the camera itself, a whole set with 1 camera, a recorder, and any accessories can easily cost $500 or more. Prices can of course increase if you opt for a camera with higher image quality, motion sensors, large direction, …

Keep in mind that placing a camera surveillance system has extra costs.

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