Television has become an integral part of our interior. It is placed in the bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen, and sometimes even in the bathroom. It is important that the TV installation has to successfully fit into the interior. And more importantly to install properly.

You need this: TV, Fasteners, Assistants, Accuracy

Installing your TV: The easiest and most well-known way is to place the TV on a special stand. It can be a wall in the living room or rack, which is equipped with openings for TV and shelves for related equipment. The second option is easy to install – place the TV in the recorder mode.

The installation of the TV with mounting brackets requires more time and effort, but this form of setup has its advantages. The TV can be hung on the wall in the neighborhood, saving the room significantly. Also, a number of hooks you can vary with the angle of the TV. The TV installation can be mounted even on the ceiling, on movable hooks, and then it is possible to make a radical change in the angle and rotation of the TV.

The method of fixing the TV: Installing the TV close to the wall means easy installation, low-cost materials. Fits the most simple and inexpensive brackets. The TV installation on each surface, on the bottom of the wall, and the installation can only take one person. It is important to have a comfortable angle and to hang the TV at the height of 80 to 90 cm.
Installation of the TV with tilt differs only in the form of the luminaire. You should use the parenthesis that the position of the TV is not only parallel to the wall but with a slight slope. This method is easy to use and convenient for in the kitchen while placing the TV above the refrigerator and in the cases where the TV is placed, close to the ceiling. However, the TV series, so that protrudes from the wall, rather than on a simple bracket.

Rotatable and tilting installation method TV requires careful preparation. First, to move the TV requires more space, and therefore it will be at a greater distance from the wall TV installation. Second, when mounting heavy models with a large size will provide additional reinforcement of the wall, if it affects a large force, which means it can hold the handle of the fastener. However, this installation extends from the area where you can use the TV, it is particularly suitable for the kitchen-dining room. Then you can cook, watch TV, and then enjoy a dinner without interrupting your favorite program.
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Installing the TV on the ceiling. It is, therefore, necessary to use the brackets for the rotation of the lower corner and tilt angle. These brackets allow you to tilt the height of the screen and even rotate 180 or 360 degrees. It is a fairly expensive option to install, so it is rarely found in the homes.

On the television: To install the TV, you should consider the optimal distance between the screen and the viewer. It should not be less than the sum of 3-5 measurements of the width of the screen. Check the distance and the other method. Place the brush arm in front of his face to move backward until the hand does not obscure the screen. This place is optimal for the location of the sofa or chair. Optimal positioning of the TV at eye level, that is, the middle should be at a distance of 1 meter from the floor. The main thing – not to approach the TV: if you like the pixels of the image, then you are too close.

Mounting the TELEVISION on the wall is the easiest and most common type of installation. It not only saves space, but eliminates the need to monitor or watch the kids watching TV, or I will not, TV favorite cat. Pleasant view!


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