How to Mount a Large TV Screen

TV-INSTALLATIONLarge TV installation are now the standard in homes, offices, and restaurants, and most people and places choose to install on a wall. Installing a large TV on the wall properly ensures stability and security; installing incorrectly would be disastrous.

1.) Determine the type of TV mount you need for your large TV. TV mounts come in small, medium and large. The size is based on the weight of the TV installation. In general, every TV more than 36 inches requires a large TV mount.

TV mounts are also available in three different positions: full-motion, tilt movement, and flat mount. Full motion offers the possibility to move the large screen TV side to the right and up and down. Tilt movement moves the TV up and down. Flat mounting it is not possible to move the TV completely.

2.) Determine the location of the TV. Will the TV be placed on a large empty wall or will the TV be placed on a wall or possibly between windows? Remember:
– The TV must be free of possible obstacles when moving back and forth or up and down.
– The TV must have access to a good power supply. Avoid overloading a power outlet.
– The TV must not be placed near a heat source and water source.

3.) Install the wall support as follows:
– Securely fix the base to the wall. Make sure the holes for the soil container are drilled into the wall beams (studs). Installing the base supports the weight of the TV, so it must be very safe.
– Mount the arm to mount it to the base (if applicable). Make sure the arm is properly secured. The arm mount allows you to move your TV back and forth.
– Attach the TV brackets to the back of the TV. Slide the TV into the TV mount arm. Make sure that the brackets click into place.
– Check that all screws, bolts, and nuts are tight before leaving the TV stand alone.
– Attach the cables to the back of the TV and the home theater components.

Always measure twice and cut once. Do not start drilling holes without making sure the measurements are correct, and you are drilling into the wall studs.

Always check to ensure that everything is level if you continue. It is important that the wall holder and arm continue its level from before.

You already have an assistant to help you the wall TV installation.


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