Best Outdoor Security Cameras 2017

Placing an Outdoor Security Cameras can help identify unwanted invaders, but works primarily preventively. Discover here to watch out for camera surveillance outside and learn more about price, maintenance, and legislation.

Note this when installing surveillance cameras

Key Features of an Outdoor Camera: Good zoom and wide viewing angle, with night vision and weather resistance.

1. Zoom function and viewing angle

If you want to protect a large terrain, a Security Cameras that you can control and which you can zoom in is a good move. Do you see something suspicious happen at the entrance? Then you can quickly capture this particular place.


It is important that a surveillance camera is out of a sufficiently wide range. The larger the viewing angle of the security camera, the smaller the likelihood that intruders stay out of sight. If you find the appropriate hangover, a Dome Camera is an excellent idea for that. The Dome camera is spherical and attaches to the ceiling, giving an optimal viewing angle.

2. Camera surveillance with night vision

Breakers or vandals shoot mainly at night. All the more important is the night vision of your surveillance camera. That means camera protection will switch to infrared as soon as it gets dark. Infrared ensures that you can see well what’s happening at full darkness.


Security cameras are powerful in daylight, because of their infrared function, which makes camera shots sharp. You, therefore, choose best for a high-quality brand. You can also choose an ordinary surveillance camera in conjunction with motion sensor exterior lighting to remove that disadvantage.

3. Weatherproof camera surveillance

If you place a surveillance camera outside, it may be better weatherproof. Rain, hail, snow or frost, a surveillance camera is meant to work in all weather conditions. In outdoor cameras, the cables often removed in the housing or foot of the security camera.


Tip: Keep the camera in a well-accessible place to clean the lens if necessary. By hanging the surveillance camera in a sheltered area, such as under a shade, you can prevent damage from weather or other influences.

Price surveillance camera outside

There are different types of cameras, each with their features and cost. The cost of camera surveillance depends mainly on the kind of camera and the number of cameras you provide. A standard analog camera is available for $50 each (excluding VAT). For an IP camera, you pay $100 per piece. For a wireless camera, you can count on a price from $100 each. Also, the amount depends on the desired image quality, zoom options, auto motion detection…

It is recommended to buy a camera in combination with a recorder. Depending on the software, storage capacity and the type of camera for which it is intended, you pay for a recorded averaging $ 200. For an analog camera with one camera, including recorder and optional accessories, you can count on starting prices of approximately $ 300. For IP camera set with one camera, prices start around $500.

Keep in mind that the placement of camera surveillance also involves costs.

Curious about the best solution for your situation? Request free advice and a quote from an authorized installer.

Maintain a security camera outdoors

A surveillance camera outdoors often gets a lot to weather through the weather. Maintenance means that the lens should be kept clean. Pollen, sand, rain, and wind have the greatest impact on image quality. They stick to the lens make sure the camera blinds itself. Clean the lens and camera with a damp cloth or special cleaning cloths.

Furthermore, it is also important to keep the surveillance camera free from spider webs and to check the cables for cracks and dehydration. With cheaper DIY surveillance cameras, sunlight can cause the cable to become stiff and tears.

Camera Surveillance: legislation

A Surveillance camera is set up with the intention of deterring intruders and capturing images. Just that can cause problems. Camera Surveillance places accompanied by compliance. Originally, anyone who installed a surveillance camera had to comply with the privacy laws only. Since 2007, there has been an additional camera act to accommodate the interests of the films and filmed.

Important to watch out:

The placing of a camera system must be made mandatory by the Commission for the Protection of the Personal Life. That can do online and before the camera surveillance started.
On any access to the place that implemented with security cameras, an icon must display that announces this camera surveillance.
As a private individual, you may not place a camera on or make public places.

For more information about the specific legislation, contact your camera surveillance system installer. Discover together the best solution for your situation. Ask advice and a quote from an authorized security camera installer.



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