CCTV Installation Los Angeles

cctv-installationAVK CCTV Public Places (CCTV) is intended to be used for the design, construction and maintenance of security camera systems or parts thereof that are used for camera surveillance in public places. The camera system is built up with cameras specified for sensing, detection and / or identification.

The camera system consists of the set of cameras and the associated transmission of images to the display used in the central area where the images are awaited.

For whom?
Installers, Suppliers CCTV systems Consultancy’s, Audio Video King security companies, Municipalities

When it is needed?
CCTV use in recent years has boomed. Both the private and the public sector are increasingly used cameras for the security of buildings, goods and people.

Municipalities are increasingly choosing and earlier for placing Security Cameras to complement the policing of the streets. Besides the technical requirements in terms of quality to such camera systems also meet the requirements in terms of privacy. however; how to determine a recipient of a camera or system meets the technical and legal requirements?

Many municipalities set the AVK CCTV Cameras became a basis and require an Security Cameras Installation certificate is issued on the camera. Such a certificate can only be issued by certified CCTV installation companies approved on the basis of the assessment CCTV Public Places.

Process Steps
The AVK CCTV Public Places (CCTV), process certification for the design, construction and maintenance of camera systems, makes demands on the design, construction and maintenance of the camera, such as the demands on the camera, the transmission, the detail design and quality of the saved images.

In addition, the schedule sets requirements for the quality system which include the requirements for personnel, procedures and work instructions, job training, equipment and measuring instruments and document management.

Certification Process CCTV Installation recognized
Certification of your company as CCTV Security Cameras Installation begins with an application, and you will receive a quote. On the basis of this offer, you can enter into a certification agreement with Audio Video King. Thereafter an independent audit authorization follows, Audio Video King NCP assess whether the criteria for certification as CCTV Installation are met. The research results are positive, following certification. If any deficiencies are identified, you must lift it first.

After the initial certification audit investigations are conducted annually to determine that the certified processes and activities carried out continuously still meet the requirements.

Field tests
Assessing the projects is an essential part of the certification examination and can not be omitted. When evaluating projects using the so-called Rotakin doll. By applying it is regardless of make and model camera ruled on the image size and image quality on the monitor in the monitoring center.

About Audio Video King
Audio Video King has years of experience in certifying companies to include CCTV. Audio Video King NCP me share with you the business processes within your organization where necessary improve.

Besides the certification CCTV Installation we can be in many market areas of service. These include combinations of your certification for camera surveillance with certifications in Site Security, AudioVideoKing.

Audio Video King NCP concluded a license agreement with the CCV to carry out the CCV Assessment CCTV Public Places, process certification for the design, construction and maintenance of camera systems.

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