Sound TV through speakers or home theater soundbar: How it works

home-theater-soundbarIt’s been a long time ago that we have written extensively about connecting your TV installation to your sound bar or home theater system and get the sound of your TV on your speakers. There has changed a few things over the years and so it is time for an update. We explain you how everything fits exactly in this blog so you can get the audio from your TV through the speakers of your audio system or your soundbar.

Sound of your TV on your speakers or soundbar

We engage in this blog two situations; you have your TV and home theater system, or you have your TV and soundbar. In both cases, you want the sound to display the TV stations, the smart TV apps and connected produce over the speakers. That may be the speakers of your home theater set, whether the speakers are included in your soundbar.

Use HDMI arc

The most obvious solution is HDMI arc. This function makes it possible to use the HDMI cable that is located between the TV and home cinema soundbar or in two directions. On the one hand, the image of your home cinema or soundbar (think of a built-in or connected Blu-ray player) towards controlled television, and on the other hand, the TV sound of the TV channels, apps and connected devices send it back. The condition is that both the home cinema or soundbar and TV support HDMI arc. Want to know more about this connection option, please read our blog about HDMI arc. Then read especially why HDMI arc does not always work well. Because manufacturers implement hdmi arc in different ways, it might be that you do not hear the audio of smart TV apps get.

In this scenario, we assume that you have connected the digital TV decoder to the TV, and is therefore sent to the audio from the TV channels through the TV and HDMI arc to your speakers. This solution also applies when you look more similar to television channels, or when using the CI + module of your TV. Please note; select on home cinema soundbar or the right input, often TV (ARC) in this case, to hear sound.

Direct connection to home theater or sound bar

If it really only go to the audio from TV programs and you use an external TV decoder for receiving these channels, you can connect the decoder directly to your home cinema or soundbar. Use an HDMI connection when possible. Connect the decoder (set-top box), then to the home theater set or soundbar and go from the sound bar or home cinema set direction in the TV picture.

Do not have HDMI output (or no HDMI inputs) on your home cinema or soundbar? Use an audio cable (digital coaxial or optical) to connect the decoder to the home cinema or soundbar. Then use an HDMI cable between the decoder and the TV for the picture. The disadvantage of this solution is that you should always put your home cinema soundbar or to hear the sound of the TV channels. Some systems (especially receivers) have the option to also send the audio so you can use the TV’s speakers if desired.

Analog TV and no HDMI arc

It is also possible that you have analog TV watching or not have hdmi arc. Then you need a cable from your TV back to put your home theater system or receiver. This can be both digital and analog, but digital has always preferred since it supports more formats and offers better quality. so look at the audio outputs you have TV and which inputs you have home cinema or soundbar. Then you will lay a cable from the TV to your home cinema soundbar or to get the sound over the speakers.

This solution is also applicable when the digital TV decoder directly to the TV connection instead of your home cinema system. The sound decoder can thus be controlled via the TV to the home theater set. In addition, this solution applies when HDMI arc not return all sources to the home cinema set or soundbar. You hear no audio example of smart TV apps? Then place the extra audio cable between the TV and the speaker system. Please note; select on home cinema soundbar or the correct input to hear sound.

More information

More information about connecting your home theater system and other interesting tips can be found via the links below. For a complete list of all the advice and tips you can go to the Audio Video King for home theater installation guide.


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