A new home theater installation … and then?

home-theater-installation-laYou have your new installation in the new components and speakers are unpacked … What then? Drafting properly and adjusting such a system is one of the most important and most underestimated things after purchase.

Usually not consider when purchasing a new home theater system into the purchase of some necessary extras. The cables are usually an afterthought. And tools such as a test DVD or a sound pressure meter has already reserved no budget.

To get the maximum results from your new Home Theater, we provide a general guide to installing and adjusting your Home Theater system.

Home Cinema situation with the author

We will consider each of the following topics:

1. Test DVD`s
2. Listen to Space and sweet spot
3. Placement of your speakers
4. Connecting the components
5. Connecting your speakers + overall control
6. The adjustment of the front, center, surround speakers
7. Adjusting the Subwoofer

It will in practice often prevent an ideal position for the equipment, speakers and the listening position (sweet spot) can be selected. Often there will be concessions have to be made. Fortunately, it is possible with most equipment to correct the deficiencies in the decor of your home.

For completeness, we do not discuss in this blog are the installation and commissioning of (large screen) TV’s and / or projectors and screens.

If you have any query feels free to contact us at Audio Video King.


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