Triboelectric Projector Controlling

Triboelectric projector installation pertaining to projecting coating merchandise and method with regard to controlling such an projector

This invention relates to help the triboelectric projector involving pulverulent coating product, comprising an channel with regard to charging ones coating product, a great be used conduit connecting an source associated with coating items for you to said projector, an mixture associated with air along with of coating goods circulating in said conduit, a injector connected with air intended for dilution and/or acceleration regarding said mixture regarding air and coating product, characterized in the local store orifice involving said injector is disposed on the path of said mixture associated with air and coating products with a good inner chamber of any projector, downstream of a admission associated with said conduit in said projectorand upstream of your inlet of the charging channel. your invention furthermore relates to help a method with regard to controlling these types of a great projector, consisting within measuring the charge considered with the charging channel along with throughout servo-controlling through the actual charge the instantaneous flow rate connected with air injected because of the injector.


Field of your Invention

The provide invention relates to the triboelectric projector of the pulverulent coating product, to the proces pertaining to controlling most of these a great projector and also to help the installation with regard to projecting coating items comprising this type of an projector.

Background of the Incenttion
A triboelectric projector associated with pulverulent coating merchandise is often a projector that your current electrostatic charge of the coating merchandise is actually obtained coming from rubbing contact of the particles of any coating merchandise against solitary or even more surfaces developed associated with insulating material disposed lower its path. a great projector associated with your type generally comprises the channel with regard to charging your current coating merchandise and can be shipped from an source connected with coating products such as with regard to example a reservoir of fluidized powder, by using a provide conduit that will an mixture regarding air along with regarding coating goods circulates. It is known, pertaining to example through application EP-A1-0 627 265, to help give the the excess air admission with the projector near your own admission of the conduit supplying your own mixture associated with air and coating product.

In the known models of a prior art, a required problem resides at the fact That It is not possible to be able to control your own electrostatic charge obtained from friction by simply an quick parameter.

Summary of the Invention

To The item end, your current invention relates in order to an triboelectric projector associated with pulverulent coating product, comprising an channel with regard to charging coating product, a be used conduit connecting a good source involving coating goods to help said projector, a good mixture regarding air and also connected with coating product circulating inside said conduit, an injector regarding air pertaining to dilution and/or acceleration associated with said mixture associated with air as well as coating product, characterized with the shop orifice regarding said injector is actually disposed on the path associated with said mixture regarding air along with coating products throughout the inner chamber of said projector, downstream of a admission connected with said conduit within said projector and also upstream of any inlet connected with said charging channel.

Thanks towards invention, incorporation of a dilution and/or acceleration air in the mixture associated with air as well as connected with coating items opening from the admission of any be taken conduit, takes place successfully as well as without phenomenon of turbulence capable of making premature wear of the parts constituting your own projectors. Moreover, ones triboelectric charge may be controlled thanks for the flow rate involving dilution and/or acceleration air delivered because of the injector towards the mixture regarding air in addition to coating product.

According to a good very first advantageous aspect of a invention, ones retail store of any injector will be disposed substantially for the axis associated with symmetry of an charging channel, through the result that the jet connected with dilution and/or acceleration air is dispatched straight in addition to symmetrically in the charging channel. Thanks to help your aspect of any invention, It\’s been demonstrated that the triboelectric charge of a powder forming your current coating material may be controlled thanks towards injector, along with this independently of the flow rate associated with air considered within a Venturi pump connected upstream of an provide conduit.


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